ellie’s huge lukeguy masterpost


Y’ALL are SUFFERING without lukeguy in your life so i’m taking it upon myself to make a masterpost for ALL YER lukeguy needs.


of course there’s MORE out there but i haven’t braved those wilds yet.


yeah you heard me

  • SCRAPBOOK (i’ll pay you 100$ to read this it’s literally my favourite one. it’s got several short stories detailing luke and guy’s relationships throughout their years and MAN DOES IT LOOK FUNNY AND CUTE HAHA YEAH SURE IT DOES)
  • avenger (can KIIIIND? of be read as asch->guy but i see it as asch wishing he had guy as his friend again BUT YA KNOW. real nice. lots of guy insight. the art style is clean and unique)
  • chain + hands (nsfw. it’s nice though it’s not just porn it delves into luke and guy’s feelings swimmingly.)
  • fear (i hate this doujin because it’s amazing)
  • oyasumi no mae ni/before we say goodnight (just flat out cute junk. read it after fear imo it’ll soothe the pain)


i’ll save you the trouble of wading through 2005-07 era fanfics with authors talking to themselves because i’ve read all the LG fics there is i promise i’m here to HELP YOU.

also i went ahead and copied some of these from my previous fic rec post

  • Duty (cuddles and junk during the campout after fleeing the tartarus)
  • Insert Foot (GUY’S AN IDIOT and blurts out a compliment about luke’s haircut)
  • Closets Are Very Small Spaces, Guy (jade’s garbage bag mcgee and gets these two stuck in a closet together)
  • Gossip Travels (“you’re good with your hands and stuff” “go get ‘em, stud” - actual quotes from luke fon fabre. like in the GAME)
  • The Shy, Embarrassed Smiles (i hate this fic it’s adorable)
  • Chemical Imbalances Have Their Uses (nsfw. GUY DRINKS A LUST POTION goddamn)
  • Good Morning (nsfw. wake people up normally luke jesus)
  • Teaching Luke (nsfw. luke asks guy about the BIRDS AND THE BEES)
  • Don’t (nsfw. it really focuses more on the intimacy than the sex if anything, i guess?)
  • Nothing to Do With It (THIS FIC IS THE WORST i love it. god.)
  • Sick (luke messes with guy, luke gets a headache, guy is a saint)
  • A Whole New Form of Life (nsfw. but it’s so charming and the dialogue is hilarious)
  • Hydra (sentence fics, super nice ones)
  • Oasis (nsfw. it’s honestly really raunchy and i have no explanation for why i like this one)

AND THAT’S IT, i hope y’all like it. or don’t either way.

KuroFai Recs! KuroFai Recs for everyone!!


but mostly captainindigo for finishing their TRC read
this list is in no way complete but a good starter. spoilers for EVERYTHING (reposted because half the links didn’t work oops)

Stolen right from a FB chat with Mage:

  • AO3 : a better retelling of The Snow Queen than Frozen
  • AO3 : really cute but idk how Kurogane learned Celestian
  • AO3 : cute
  • AO3 : really cute, Kuro-sama has a lot of trouble sleeping
  • AO3 : obligatory Celes fic
  • AO3 : Not bad, jumps around a bit though
  • AO3 : cute but short
  • AO3 : they said there was porn. there was no porn
  • AO3 : bonding with bb “Youou”
  • AO3 : cute AU where they take care of horses and sheep
  • AO3 : kinda OOC but cute
  • AO3 : 5 times fic
  • AO3 : shmoooooooop
  • AO3 : it was good until they didn’t use lube
  • AO3 : very important chair bondage and vamp smut
  • AO3 : this was weird but not necessarily bad
  • AO3 : this was super good. AU
  • AO3 : very good, wish there had been more
  • AO3 : cries about it
  • AO3 : obligatory Outo fic
  • AO3 : cute Horitsuba fluff

Authors and whatnot:

the world ends with you
the vampire chronicles
hunter x hunter
yowamushi pedal
kuroko no basket
x-men first class
natsume yuujinchou