KuroFai Recs! KuroFai Recs for everyone!!


but mostly captainindigo for finishing their TRC read
this list is in no way complete but a good starter. spoilers for EVERYTHING (reposted because half the links didn’t work oops)

Stolen right from a FB chat with Mage:

  • AO3 : a better retelling of The Snow Queen than Frozen
  • AO3 : really cute but idk how Kurogane learned Celestian
  • AO3 : cute
  • AO3 : really cute, Kuro-sama has a lot of trouble sleeping
  • AO3 : obligatory Celes fic
  • AO3 : Not bad, jumps around a bit though
  • AO3 : cute but short
  • AO3 : they said there was porn. there was no porn
  • AO3 : bonding with bb “Youou”
  • AO3 : cute AU where they take care of horses and sheep
  • AO3 : kinda OOC but cute
  • AO3 : 5 times fic
  • AO3 : shmoooooooop
  • AO3 : it was good until they didn’t use lube
  • AO3 : very important chair bondage and vamp smut
  • AO3 : this was weird but not necessarily bad
  • AO3 : this was super good. AU
  • AO3 : very good, wish there had been more
  • AO3 : cries about it
  • AO3 : obligatory Outo fic
  • AO3 : cute Horitsuba fluff

Authors and whatnot:

the world ends with you
the vampire chronicles
hunter x hunter
yowamushi pedal
kuroko no basket
x-men first class
natsume yuujinchou
hikaru no go